Re-Imagining Protestantisms

Tent, Temple and Public Square

If Protestantisms is to find new relevance in our European context then we have to re-imagine and reform our understandings and practices as Protestants. Drawing on metaphors of “tent, temple and public square” the workshop will look at the dynamics of institution and movement to explore how Protestantisms can contribute to our secular, postmodern and transient societies. We will discuss examples of renewal and fresh patterns of church that are taking place in different European countries to see what we can discover from their experiences.

In the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation, Wittenberg, we explore how the Reformation was a movement that brought renewal and calls us as its inheritors to continue that renewal and reform in our own time and context.



15. April 2016



17. April 2016


Schlossplatz 1d, 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg